The Windlesham Challenge for years 4 to 6 is an opportunity for pupils to work towards subject based awards in various academic and creative subjects. Awards will be undertaken in four week blocks and will culminate in either a Windlesham badge or a recognised external award (e.g. Blue Peter Badge, RSPB award etc.).

The programme will help to inspire and engage our pupils in new ways, broadening their horizons and creating opportunities, while giving a platform to learning new skills and participating in exciting activities. The Windlesham Challenge will play a huge part in our commitment to nurturing and developing each child’s potential whilst unearthing new passions and abilities.

The Windlesham Challenge will allow pupils to develop their reading, writing, mathematical, social, physical and oral skills in a new, exciting and engaging way ensuring higher level, targeted learning without them even realising! In addition, skills such as confidence, resilience, risk taking, effective communication, teamwork and leadership. Character education is an essential part of our overall provision at Windlesham and the Challenge will ensure its delivery in a gradual, enjoyable and accessible way for all pupils. Additionally, the skills mentioned are all fully transferable into pupils’ learning habits and their weekly lessons and will help them achieve their potential in all spheres of school life.

The Challenge programme will encompass the following four key areas:

1. Creative Expression

  • Artistic licence
  • Come Dine with us
  • Scrapheap Challenge
  • Drama and dance
  • Musical expression

2. The Great Outdoors

  • The environment and us
  • Bushcraft and den building
  • Forest School
  • Digging for Victory

3. Local and Global Responsibility

  • Eco-Schools
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • Charity and Service

4. Body and Mind

  • Leaders in Sport
  • New sports: new opportunities
  • Young Einsteins
  • Reading is fun!
  • Ignite – enrichment and challenge

Each Saturday, pupils will have the opportunity to participate in three of the above areas which then operate on a carousel basis over the course of the term. Each unit will last 4 weeks per half term and pupils will work towards various awards and badges.


The Windlesham Challenge presents an exciting opportunity for pupils in years to 6; one which they will relish and derive much pleasure and purpose. The skills and attributes acquired and developed together with the opportunities and experiences presented, will remain with them for life and ensure they are well prepared for the Windlesham Diploma in years 7 and 8.