London Bus Information

Putney Bus: (Putney Heath, London, SW15)

The School offers a bus service for children travelling from London to Windlesham. Dates for the London Bus for the current term can be found below:

Summer Term 2022

Sunday 3rd July – No Bus

Autumn Term 22/23

Sunday 18th September

Friday 23rd September – Long Weekend (Windlesham to London)

Sunday 25th September

Sunday 2nd October

Sunday 9th October

Friday 14th October – Half term holiday (Windlesham to London)

Sunday 30th October

Sunday 6th November

Sunday 13th November

Friday 18th November – Long Weekend (Windlesham to London)

Sunday 20th November

Sunday 27th November

Sunday 4th December

Sunday 11th December – No bus

Booking Forms

To book your travel, please complete the relevant form:

London Bus Summer Term Booking Form

For more information please email the front office team :


  1. One passenger per seat.
  2. Seat belts must be worn at all times. No one should be standing up while the bus is in motion.
  3. The bus will leave exactly on time at the published time.
  4. The school escort will keep the telephone switched on so that the school or parents can make contact.
  5. The escorting member of staff must allow the bus to stop at a suitable stopping point if any passenger is feeling sick or needs to go to the lavatory.
  6. Food and drink may not be consumed on the bus so please do not give your children sweets, crisps etc. Bread, butter, jams and cereal etc. will be available at school on arrival.
  7. Electronic games are not allowed on the bus as they cannot be brought back into school. Throughout the journey we expect the children to be reasonably quiet and well behaved. Any child who is persistently disruptive will not be allowed to travel on the bus.
  8. The escorting member of staff will make sure that the bus is clean and tidy and that the children remove all their belongings.