WACA Windlesham Activity Camp & Academy

The Windlesham Activity Camp & Academy is a holiday club for children from Reception to Year 8. It will include specialist coaching from professional coaches and athletes as well as fun indoor and outdoor activities like ‘capture the flag’. Specialist coaching in tennis, cricket, and swimming will also be on offer.

Half day: 22 Sept, 20 Oct, 24 Nov – 12.15 – 17.30 (Please email us to book).

Christmas holidays 

WACA: We will be providing our usual WACA Holiday Clubs, for Windlesham House pupils only (Reception to Year 6) during the Christmas Holidays.

Dates to be confirmed soon. The price is £20 for a half day, £40 for a full day and £45 for a full day plus wrap around (extended hours)

If you have any other queries then please contact email us.