Prep School Activities

In the prep school, lessons end at 4.30pm. After that there is little tea followed by activities and prep from 4.45pm. The first session runs from 4.45pm – 5.25pm and is a time to have fun, learn new skills or develop skills further. To achieve this there is a range of activities on offer, which are provided by school staff or external activity providers. Those provided by external companies or individuals usually have a cost associated with them (see below).

Activities Booklet

Here you can find a link to the activities booklet, which includes a timetable for each year group and an outline of what the activities entail. After School Activities Booklet Spring 2022.

It also gives details of how to sign up for activities using misocs (the platform we use to manage co-curricular activities). You can sign into your child’s misocs account here:

For more information about after school activities, please contact

Once your child is signed up, activities roll over each term during the year, unless you advise us otherwise by the end of the previous term or unless the activity is no longer running. For seasonal changes please refer to the activities booklet which will be updated and sent to you each term.

Paid Activities – Cost per term

Ballet                                             £130.00
Fencing                                         £70.00
Chess                                             £55.00
Chess – Private                            £13.75 per lesson
Gymnastics                                  £90.00
Karate                                           £100.00
Yoga                                              £55.00
Individual Tennis                       £400.00
Group Tennis                              £140.00
Golf                                               £55.00 per half term
Tap/Jazz                                       £130.00
Riding                                           £35.00 per lesson
Swimming Technique              £165.00
Polo                                                £70 per lesson
Street Dancing                           £130.00
Clay Pigeon Shooting               £170.00
Swerve Football                          £75
Watersports                                 £175
Water Polo                                   £100
Lamda                                           £18.00 per lesson
Lamda – Individual                    £21.50 per lesson

If you would like to contact the activity takers directly, please see this form for their details:

Activity contact sheet 2021