Please find below information that will be useful to you when joining Windlesham.


Uniform and sports kit lists – you can buy uniform online here Windlesham House – Direct Clothing or you can purchase most items from our secondhand shop on the school site. Email to make an appointment.

Prep School Uniform List Dec 2022.docx

Pre-Prep School Uniform List Dec 2022.docx

Uniform can be sent to the school and we can arrange for labels to be purchased and sewn onto clothing. We use an external company and therefore the cost of this will be added to the bill.

Stationery and Equipment

All pupils need an iPad at school. Reception to Year 4 will share iPads and will be issued with them by the school as and when they need them. Year 5 to year 8 must have their own iPads, which must be specially formatted by the school. Please see the document here for details.

Windlesham Digital Learning – New Pupils

Stationery List June 2022

Financial Information and Insurance Schemes

Windlesham House School Fees Refund Scheme – Secure a Refund if Your Child
is off School due to Illness or Injury

Bank account details

Pupils’ personal effects insurance information

Pupils’ personal effects insurance form

Pupils Healthcare Scheme

Pupils Private Medical Insurance: Questions and Answers

AXA Pupils scheme – pupils notice (information about Marsh the insurance providers)