Windlesham Gems Activity Club

The school day for the Pre-prep finishes at 3.30pm. After that they can choose to sign up to a range of activities such as ballet or football, or they can go to ‘Gems Activity Club’, where there will be craft, games and free play.  Gems is available from 3.30pm – 6.00pm and is run by Windlesham staff.

More details about Gems, including how to book and charges can be found in this document: Gems Activity Club.

Children can be signed into Gems Activity Club on an ad hoc basis, but if you know in advance it is helpful for our planning. Please book your child in by either emailing or telephoning the Pre Prep office on 01903 874748.


Pre-Prep Paid Activities

You may sign your children up for as many or as few days of activities as you wish but please be aware of how tired your child may get when choosing activities.

Pre Prep Co-Curricular Programme Spring 2022

Pre-Prep activities co-ordinator and Gems activity club leader to make your booking – or if you have any questions about any activity please contact Stuart Edwards, or Donna Lander,

Cost per term

Ballet                                              £130.00
Chess                                             £55.00
Tri Golf                                           £90.00
Gymnastics                                  £90.00
Karate                                            £50.00
Street Dance                                £90.00
Swimming Lessons                   £165.00
Tennis – Group                            £70.00
Yoga                                              £55.00
Football                                        Paid directly to club

Most activities roll over each term during the year, unless you advise us otherwise by the end of the current term. The exceptions are Chelsea Football (see booking form) and Pre-Prep Tuesday Club.