Pre-Prep Activities

Pre-Prep activities are from 3.30-6.00pm. You may sign your children up for as many or as few days of activities as you wish but please be aware of how tired your child may get when choosing activities. If you have any questions for any activitiy please contact Stuart Edwards, or Donna Lander

Pre-Prep Paid Activities

Cost per term

Ballet                                              £130.00
Chess                                             £55.00
Tri Golf                                           £90.00
Gymnastics                                  £90.00
Karate                                            £50.00
Street Dance                                £90.00
Swimming Lessons                   £165.00
Tennis – Group                            £70.00
Yoga                                              £55.00
Football                                        Paid directly to club

Unpaid Activities
Autumn Adventures
Water Skills

Pre-Prep Paid Activities Programme & Booking Form Autumn 2021

How to book a paid activity?

Contact Donna Lander, Pre-Prep activities co-ordinator and Gems activity club leader to make your booking –

Booking deadline – Wednesday 8 September 2021.

An email will be sent confirming that your child has secured a place in their chosen activity by Mrs Lander, GEMS Activity Club Leader. The activities run for the entire term, commencing on Monday 13 September 2021 and finishing on Friday 10th December.

Cancelling a paid activity

Most activities roll over each term during the year, unless you advise us otherwise by the end of the current term. The exceptions are Chelsea Football (see booking form) and Pre-Prep Tuesday Club.

If your child would like to take part in the free Pre-Prep Tuesday Club, which this term is ‘Autumn Adventures’, please book a place with Mrs Lander and she will advise if places need to be rotated at half term if the club is over-subscribed.